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Attending our joint USPPS/IPPS meeting at NAPEX 2022 in McLean, Virginia were members (left to right) Pete Sarmiento, Elliot Coleman, Craig Eggleston, John Swallow, our speaker Ronald H. González, MD, Dick Bates, Evan Brooks, and with back to the camera, Mike Drabik.


Craig Eggleston and Len McMaster at the Society table at NAPEX 2022.

SNSE 2020 meeting attendees

Attending our joint USPPS/CPSA meeting at the 2020 Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition were (left to right) Juan Farah, Evan Mark, Daniel Montes, Arturo Codina, Jeff Erichson, Juan Riera, Octavio Cabrera, Art Riera and Lourdes Riera.

StampShow 2018 USPPS meeting attendees

Attending our joint USPPS/IPPS meeting at the 2018 APS StampShow in Columbus, Ohio were members (left to right) Dick Larkin, Mike Drabik, Félix Pérez-Folch, Jr, Bill DiPaolo, Isabelo Toledo, Gary Weiss, Craig Eggleston, Len McMaster, Bill Matthews, Yamil Kouri, Dan Ring, Ernesto Cuesta, and Bill Ninde.


Attending our joint USPPS/CPSA meeting at the 2018 Sarasota National Stamp Show were members (left to right) Arturo Codina, Octavio Cabrera, Ed Carney, David Zemer, Alex Blanco, Juan Farah, and Len McMaster (not in the picture)


Jack Thompson with his USPPS award and editor Len McMaster at APS StampShow 2012 in Sacramento.


USPPS Members at APS AmeriStamp Expo 2011 in Charleston SC
(left to right) Bob Karrer, Len McMaster, Gary Weiss and Patrick Labbe.


USPPS members enjoy dinner at a Filipino restaurant during AmeriStamp Expo 2011



First Day of Issue ceremony for the new non-profit organization stamp released at AmeriStamp Expo 2011


Len McMaster presenting "1 cent Franklin Overprint Anomolies" at AmeriStamp Expo 2011


Geoff Brewster receiving Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society at ARIPEX 2013

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