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APS StampShow, August 4-7, 2016 at the

 Oregon Convention Center in Portland,


While we will not have a table at this year's APS StampShow, we will have a joint meeting with the IPPS where Craig Eggleston will give a talk entitled “1898 U.S. Postal Cards (Philippine Military Postal Stations),”  on Saturday at 2pm in room B118.


Booths 875/877 at the World Stamp Show in New York were the hub of activities for the USPPS along with the International Philippine Philatelic Society (IPPS), the Allied Military Government Collectors’ Club (AMGCC), the Haiti Philatelic Society, and the International Cuban Philatelic Society (ICPS). While not listed in the program, we also had literature from the Sociedad Filatélica de Puerto Rico, the Ryúkyú Philatelic Specialist Society and the Hawaiian Philatelic Society.

Over 30 people attended the joint USPPS & IPPS meeting on Monday, May 30th where Dr. Ron González gave a talk on “Puerto Rico Stationery under the U.S. Administration 1898-1900," and Rich Pederson gave a talk on "Collecting Allied Military Government Stamps and Covers."

USPPS/IPPS Booth with
(l to r) Don Peterson, Jim Smith (AMGCC), Craig Eggleston, Joe Napp and Dan Undersander

Ron's Talk




Silvia Garcia-Fritos, with her USPPS certificate and award for her single-frame exhibit "The First U.S. Special Delivery Stamp Used in Cuba," at the Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition in February 2014


Members attending our meeting at the 2014 Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition. Pictured left to right, Arturo Codina, Len McMaster, Silvia Garcia-Fritos, Alex Blanco, Octavio Cabrera, Ed Carney, Fernando Iglesias, and Cristóbal Martínez. Others attending, but not pictured included Les Lanphear, Richard Livingston, and Phil Stager.


Attending our meeting in Hartford at the 2014 APS StampShow included Dick Bates, Roger Brody, Ray Cavanaugh, David Chiong, Elliott Coleman, Craig Eggleston, Jim Forte, Ron González, Darrell Kinzler, Yamil Kouri, Al Kugel, Les Lanphear, Doug Lehmann, Bill Matthews, Len McMaster, John Morrison, Joe Napp, Don Peterson, Rich Small, David Steidley, Gary Weiss, and David Zemer





by Len McMaster

The USPPS had a Society table and meeting at ARIPEX 2013, held April 19–21 in Mesa, AZ. At the meeting Geoff Brewster presented several items as part of the "show and tell" format and we briefly discussed the reprint of his Philippine Flights series the Society is releasing on CD. While there were no U.S. possessions competitive exhibits, Geoff had an 11-frame non-competitive exhibit of all the U.S. possessions stamps, an excellent display of our collecting interests. We had several individuals stop and talk to us at our table, signing up seven new members, including James Green (CA), Steve Gross (AZ), Larry Weinstock (OR), John Wynns (AZ), Max Schwartz (TN), Bill Woytowich (AZ), and Jon Krupnick (FL).

Lifetime Achievement Award Presented

At the ARIPEX awards banquet Saturday evening, I had the honor of presenting Geoff Brewster with a USPPS Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1978 Gil Plass started the USPPS by himself, and was editor of our journal, Possessions, for 14 years, 1978–1992, producing Whole Nos. 1–56. Geoff Brewster was appointed our first president by Gill and served 8 years from 1978–1986. With Gill and Ken Koller, he wrote the USPPS constitution and aggressively promoted our new society, publicizing it in the general philatelic press, arranging for USPPS meetings at stamp shows, and serving as our representative to the APS (Affiliate #99), a position he still holds today.

In 2002 Geoff became president again, serving until 2010. He served a total of 16 years as USPPS president, almost half our 34-year existence.

Geoff was editor of Possessions for ten years from 1999 to 2010, responsible for 43 Whole Nos. (71–113). Geoff was also vice-president from 1990 to 1994, and served as secretary-treasurer from 2006 to 2010. From 2002 until 2010 he essentially held our organization together single-handedly.

As an author, he has been responsible for more than 200 articles in Possessions alone, making significant contributions to the study of U.S. possession stamps and postal history.

Soon after the show I received the following note from Geoff: ""I wish to thank the USPPS for the award it recently gave me, not so much for the item itself—which is certainly attractive and of fine quality—as for the sentiment behind it. I only wish our founder Gilbert N. Plass was still here so that the USPPS could honor him at least similarly, for having firmly established our base and by excellent example having blazed our path for the future."

We plan to have a joint table and meeting with the IPPS at the 2013 APS StampShow being held August 8–11, at the Delta Center, 200 West Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI . Craig Eggleston will give a talk on

American censorship of civilian mail during World War One: new research from the censorship office in Manila at our meeting. We also hope to present both single- and multi-frame exhibit awards for the best U.S. possessions exhibits.

Sacramento 2012
Jack Thompson (left) and Len McMaster (right)

The Sacramento APS show, August 16-19th, 2012  was a great show for us. We had over 20 members and others sign the guest list, and we signed up two new members. We also had several members winning awards.

Richard Malmgren: World Series of Philately Prix d'Honneur for his exhibit "Hawaiian Foreign Mail"

Fred Gregory: Literature Grand and Gold for his book Hawaii Foreign Mail to 1870

Possessions: Literature Vermeil for Volume 32 (2011)

Doug Lehmann: Gold for his exhibit "Maintaining the Tax System During the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines (1942–45) with No Paper Imports or Operating Paper Mills Available"

Rick Miggins: Gold for his exhibit "Philippines: 1954–1963 Documentary Overprints on 1947 Internal Revenue Stamps"

Jack Thompson: Gold and USPPS Multi-Frame Award for his exhibit "The Spanish American War and the U.S. Administration in Cuba"

Rick Miggins: Single Frame Grand, Gold, Errors, Freaks & Oddities Collectors Club, United States Postal Stationery Society, and USPPS awards for his exhibit " Philippines: 1948 Embossed Postal Envelope - From Model to Final Die"



USPPS members at Charleston APS show



At the Philadelphia National Stamp Exhibition (PNSE), in March at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pa., member Richard Malmgren won not only our first award (along with a PNSE gold) for his Hawaii Postal History exhibit, but also won the Postal History Society Award and the PNSE Grand Award. Congratulations to Richard!



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The UNITED STATES POSSESSIONS PHILATELIC SOCIETY is offering a CD of the serialized articles on Philippine Flights by Geoffrey Brewster appearing in Possessions, updated through 2012 for $15 postpaid or Free with membership. The CD includes a comprehensive catalog of PI flights from the beginning through 1946 with significant changes & updates to the American Air Mail Catalog in a searchable PDF format.

For more information contact our editor, Len McMaster, HC-71, Box 86A, Capon Bridge, WV 26711 or at USPPS.Possessions@gmail.com